Mennonite Relief Sale Cookbook

Today, heard the story of the many people that put together The Mennonite Relief Sale Cookbook. It was 1973 and these beautiful books were put together in a conference room at the former Dominion Life Insurance, now Manulife.

All recipes were tried and tested and it has only the best. I purchased this book from David Burns Antiques at the St Jacob’s Farmers Market. Especially now because I had the daughter of Eleanor Shantz, Cathy, write a little story in it. The work and care that went into this book was a labour of love from all who worked hard to put it into production. I would have loved to be a tester.

The Jelly Girls loves old cookbooks especially those with a story. All the notes and added recipes show the respect of treasured recipes and food that was made with love for friends and family with a generous philanthropic mindset.