The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Mulberries are one of the best fruits that I enjoy. I pick them from my tree (the neighbour’s tree – but the branches are on our property.)

The story behind the mulberries: I had asked my son to cut the grass requesting that he do the front yard first. To my dismay, he was cutting a path all the way around our 2 acre property. When I went to ask him about his technique, he ducked under low tree branches and surprise surprise, there were huge berries falling on his head. We were stepping on berries before we knew what they were. Thank you my son for pointing out the berries. We make great Mulberry Jam.

This year, my husband rigged up a large tarp and we shake, shake, shake them off, shake them off the tree. Love those mulberries!

The moral of the story – there are benefits to cutting the grass your own way. And in this case, The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree