Deliciously Bitchy Night Out

Looking so forward to this evening. Will show off our delicious pie fillings, and make lovely appetizers from our much loved Jelly.

Deliciously Bitchy Night Out #3

Tonight’s shout out goes to… The Jelly Girls !
My belly has had the delicious pleasure to be treated with these two jars of goodness…..Raspberry Chocolate Liqueur Jam (which I won from a FB contest 🙂 ) and Red Pepper Jelly (which I purchased at Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods .
Both jars are delicious and as Guy Fieri would say “I could eat that on a flip flop and it would still be amazing!” Seriously though…that raspberry jam hasn’t actually made it onto many things other than a spoon. I can’t wait to see what is going to make an appearance for us to nosh on and I’m excited to have them on board!
*side note….these jars have also been spotted at The Kitchen *
Find the FB page here:
and……welcome aboard The Jelly Girls!